The Great Used Cars Chase

Finding a good used car

// This is a blog post by one of our parishioners 

I had been saving up for a new car and the time had finally come. I decided I wanted a used car but had a really specific one in mind. I knew I’d be able to find the right make and model because it was one of the most popular cars around. But I wanted a red one. Every car I’d ever owned in my life was red. Heck, even my bicycle was back in the day was red.

I started this mission by just stopping at a few used car dealerships. Which I found online here: Here’s some of the dealerships I looked into:

When I told the sales people that I knew exactly what I wanted, they kind of laughed at me. The first place had 3 of the make and model I wanted but the were silver, white, and blue. They didn’t really think I was serious that the color was a sticking point for me and were surprised when I walked out. One of them chased me and said she’d make some calls for me to see if the could find me one. That sounded good to me.

After some phone calls that didn’t get me anywhere closer to my goal, I decided to look online and find one myself. I was in luck! There was one at another dealer about 4 miles away. I thanked the saleswoman for her time and ran out the door.

When I got to the second dealership, I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the used cars for sale on the lot. The salesmen couldn’t either. When he checked on it, he told me it has been sold that morning. I couldn’t believe it! If I’d gone there first, I would have been able to buy it. He tried to talk me into some of the other red used cars but I was determined to find the perfect car.

My trusty smartphone led me to the third dealership where to told me they’d just sent that one to an affiliate of theirs. I was a little defeated until the told me where it was going: the the first dealership I’d visited. Slowly, I realised that I was the customer they were talking about. I ran back to my car, called the sales women I’d worked with there and she confirmed it: they beat me in the chase. But in the end, I got what I wanted.