Bad Tulsa Electricians Versus The Good Ones

These days there is just too many businesses to choose from. It doesn’t matter where I go or what I’m doing, there’s just too much choice! I spend hours agonising over which restaurant to eat at, where to get my hair cut, which locksmith to call, etc.

Years ago, you’d flip open the phone book and find a reputable company in seconds. If your boiler busted, you’d find the first company, call them up and they’d have someone over in a jiffy. There was never that many businesses to choose from in the first place so the whole process was quick and painless.

But now, with the internet, it seems like there’s a thousand more companies and a thousand new ways to find them and contact them. I preferred the simpler times. Things were much easier and less complex back then.

Recently, I needed some security lighting installed outside my property and went through the rigmarole of having to select one of the many electrician companies in Tulsa. I chose a company that seemed to have decent reviews and feedback and they promptly sent someone round.

Well, they made an awful job out of it. None of the security lights work when they’re supposed and end up flickering on and off during the daytime. I was livid. The company didn’t want to hear about it and even tried to make out as if it was my fault. They said that I would have to pay again to have them fixed and that they couldn’t get anyone out to me for at least a fortnight.

Needless to say, I chose another company to fix it. I found out about TL Davis Electrical Designs through a neighbour. He had exactly what I wanted done the past year and he couldn’t praise them enough. I quickly gave them a call, told them my situation and they had a guy come round the very next day to sort everything out for me.

The electrician was friendly, polite and most importantly, competent. He worked swiftly and diligently and had my top-notch security lighting set up in perfect working order in very little time. I was incredibly pleased and now Davis Electrical Designs have a customer for life. If you’re looking for a Tulsa electrician, they’re the people to use.